The Internet is Putting Celeb Faces On Adult Stars

Your favorite celebs are being turned into adult film stars

They've finally done it, any celeb is now an adult movie star.....sort of. An unnamed source pointed me to this "deepfakes" phenomenon on Reddit. A poster there was able to use AI to place a celebrity's face on the body of an adult film star.

This is much like the technology used in the Star Wars movies but without a multi-million dollar budget. People can do this from any old computer now. Now, obviously, I can't post any of the more adult versions of videos here. I'm sure most of have acquired the skills to see more should you choose to head down that rabbit hole.

Below is a sample of Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman, with her face places on a woman in the story portion of an adult film. This does bring up a ton of legal and moral questions. The legal portion is sure to be quite muddy, like anything on the internet. The moral part is a bit clearer. Much like the stolen photos during the so-called "Fappening", none of these women signed up for this. When they decided to become an actress I'm sure none of them ever imagined their fame would lead to things like this.  

Times have changed and as always technology can be used for good and evil, but it always seems to find it's way into the adult business. 

You can read more about the technology HERE


These videos break down how the technique came to be. 


Photo: Youtube



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