Viral Anti-Bullying Video Takes A Racist Turn

This is why nobody believes anything anymore. How can you find fault in this kid's sobering description of bullying? It's a heartbreaking video that is the reality for far too many kids. I don't doubt his claims or his pain, but here comes the internet to dump a bucket of cold water on what could be a heartwarming story.

All these celebs, of varying ethnicities, came out to support Keaton. After all the love, we get the hate. Apparently, his mother didn't think to clean up her questionable social history once her son's video took off. Now she's being called a racist and a dark cloud is hanging over what should be a feel-good story. There are also some questions about her intentions when it comes to funds being raised. The problem there is, who knows what's real. It's social media, so of course, there's a bunch of fake troll accounts set up.

We're getting sidetracked. The point was bullying sucks. Hopefully, we can stay on point and help reduce kids being picked on due to the exposure of this video. 


Below are the questionable posts attributed to his mom that I can now only assume have been removed. 


Photo: Youtube



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