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Introducing The Angi Taylor Show Labor Camp - ATS - 6.13.24

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This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

Hump Day here we come, wait, hold on ... no, that technically works. Anyway, it's the middle of the week and we're slowly coming undone (unless you're Marris, who had no idea what day it was this morning.) Anyway, Angi this morning dragged out her wheel of passive aggressive topics that were clearly meant to be directed at Marris but passed off as segments (these thoughts are my own but I think we all know.) Today's tangent was toward people who one word text, things like "yep," "fine" and "great." If you want to move it to an office setting, getting a message that says "hey" or "call me" will more than likely make you reach for the beta blockers as your anxiety induced will trigger that fabled heart attack. However, the one word that sends people over the edge is "sure." This was brought up by a comedian who asked her brother if he wanted to do something and he replied with "sure." This was met with a lazy attitude of "I don't care, whatever that she basically was like, if you don't want to do it, you don't have to. Obviously, context of words is going to be messy when it comes to text because they can never convey proper emotion but if someone texted you and said "sure," you would feel like their arm is totally being twisted to do said thing. Marris does not care about this nonsense though because he does not have time for texting, being shamed for not texting and other nonsense. For example, he had 12 people lined up and he just cleared them with a simple word after getting halfway through because he had no time for that. He's tired of texting and well, tired in general, man works a lot. Angi though offered that he doesn't actually need to be excited, just pretend like he is (how Angi does when she comes to work or the rest of the studio crew get their non Angi Taylor Money paychecks.) The thing is "sure" just comes off so passive aggressive, anything else can be easy breezy. Sure feels hesitant, indecisive and we had to ponder if Marris has ever said "sure?" At least not with us but he does have a trigger word for Angi "copy." When she fires off a famous 10,000 word Taylor text and he replies with "copy," she gets nuts. He explained it means he saw it, acknowledged it and that there was no further instruction needed. This is not enough for Angi and she needs emoji's, even if it is just a walkie talkie after it. Marris doesn't do smileys so she settled on a compromise, send her an eggplant. Every text is now expected to read "Copy" eggplant emoji or else. It is time we rebuild Marris, less passive aggressive, more into texting and definitely much meatier....

Other Stuff from Today's Show

Next up, we tackled fun summer labor camps for kids...wait, what's that, it's meant to be a summer camp? But they're doing child labor and their parents are paying for it, that is the definition of a labor camp reverse mortgage or something. Right, fine whatever. Anyway, do you live in Louisiana and have a 5 to 12 year old with nothing to do for a day? You're in luck as a Chick Fil A will give them a camp experience for the low cost of $35. Things included in this activity-filled day include learning customer service, being taught how to help out diners, preparing food orders, changing the fryer oil, bagging and order and bringing it out to cars, getting an ice cream cone, t-shirt and meal for working a 5 hour shift at Chick Fil A. Also, they get to meet the mascot, which is just another kid inside of a cow suit or something. In other words, you can force your kids to work and you pay for it but you get a day off basically and can do bottomless mimosas with your girls. As I pointed out in the open and reconfirmed with Angi and Marris, this is literally a labor camp. A "free" meal and shirt is not worth forcing your kids to work and you should take that money, buy some water balloons, NERF toys and take them to the park or something. Though this may be ideal for people who find Chick Fil A to be their favorite, the fact that your child is essentially going to be running customer service is kind of nuts. Also, what about the workers, how do they feel about essentially babysitting and can little Timmy work the register when the lunch rush hits its peak? I mean, not everyone is equipped to handle children, especially Cayden on fries who is high as hell and throwing those potato things into a cardboard tube while your daughter works the fryer. Most of the managers in these kinds of jobs are 18 to 19 years old and have dropped 12 Shmeddibles before starting their shift. Again though, there are endless mimosas with your friends and no kids so maybe being a terrible parent is okay for a moment. Angi and Marris are not digging the idea and explained remember what it was like when you would take your child to work day, this is that only you did not birth these monsters. However, if you do decide to hop on this train, the kids will have their first job early at Chick Fil A Labor Unit #318 and it will look good on a resume.

Next up, smack dab in the middle of our hump day, is the Daily Discussion Topic focused on athletes that broke your heart. This inspiration was drawn by an Angi couch surf yesterday where she was watching 30 for 30. She loves the juicy scandals that come from the programs so it was surprising that it took her this long to get to the one about Lance Armstrong. After all, she was a Livestrong believer and she bought into all that cult of nonsense. She was subbed to the website, she did the diets, she did the workouts and wore those stupid bracelets. Of course, this was must-see TV and watching it annoyed her further with the disgraced phony. He is an absolute smug a-hole and so her hero worship hit her hard when the Kool-Aid turned out to be completely tainted with PED's. In her mind, there was no way that he could dope, he was too tested, too well known and yet he still got it through. He was not Superman, he was Clark Can't. Also on Angi's list of athletes who broke her heart were Jordan when he went to the Wizards because I mean come on, that fits everyone in Chicago's sports narrative. Randy Moss also made her list with his Vikings stuff because she loves the Vikings as she grew up in Minnesota. Marris also latched on to Jordan but also the heartbreak of the Lions last season going almost all the way and just losing it right before they got to the Super Bowl. The shock and horror of Kindle Vildor being in position for the interception, bouncing off his helmet and the 49er's getting it and getting the score up. He could almost taste that win and it was snatched away from him. Onto the Request Line we go because the only sports I care about involve guessing which players are wearing underwear, we start with Anthony who was utterly betrayed by Ozzie Guillén leaving the White Sox. Chris was done with Scott Norwood after he missed a field goal kick at Super Bowl 25. Rich said Mike Tyson biting off Hollyfield's ear made him lose all respect. Brian got absolutely cooked by Patrick Sharp who gave him smack for wearing the "wrong Patrick" jersey and was rude to his mother in a wheelchair. Tony said Rafael Palmeiro tossed his integrity and career away when he went before congress and said he was not on PED's. Also, remember when Sammy Sosa suddenly forgot how to speak English? Chris said Bobby Hull blew him off in third grade for a picture but when young girls asked for it, he was totally up for it. If you are looking for more roadie thoughts or have your own, hit up our Facebook group (Angi Taylor Show) and drop us a comment.

Finally, it's time to ruin lunch because we are going over some of the most caloric fast food items. Marris assumed Chipotle would make the list but they did not, instead, you probably shouldn't eat:

Burger King - Bacon King Burger: 1,200 calories

Checkers - Baconzilla! Triple: 1,210 calories

Dairy Queen - Peanut Butter Puppy Chow Blizzard: 1,360 calories

Zaxby's - Buffalo Boneless Wings & Things: 1,460 calories

Wendy's - Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple: 1,520 calories

Culver's - Berry Happy Birthday Concrete Mixer: 1,570 calories

Sonic - Oreo and Reese's Peanut Butter Shake: 1,720 calories

Shake Shack - Double Down Fries: 1,910 calories

Marris does not care btw and would eat all this toxic sludge.

Request Wars 3.5

Theme: Ozzy vs. Ozzy (or Not)

Current Champion: Marris (1x)

Angi's Song Choice: “Heaven and Hell" by Black Sabbath

Marris' Song Choice: "Crazy Train" by Ozzy

Winner: Marris

10 O' Clock Toast:

Toastee: A Drunk Teacher's Lawyer

A second grade teacher got in trouble for teaching while drunk (Angi does this with the show, why is this an issue?) Apparently, she was 2x the legal limit but charges were dropped because it is inappropriate to teach kids drunk but it is not illegal.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"You ever have those days where everything you do is a ding dong moment?" - Angi