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Angi Was Out of Control as a Kid - ATS - 6.10.24

Fire on the Range

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This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

A fresh week is upon us and that means a whole five days of digging into the trauma trenches once more. Angi unlocked today's fun fair by enabling a Daily Discussion Topic about being out of control as a kid/teen. See, her and Jay the Straight spent a beautiful afternoon strolling through Old Town for the Wells Street Art Fair and saw a kid who was roughly 5 get the fear of God instilled in him. Though he didn't get a street beating like most of us probably did as kids, he probably got a smackround when he got home. His crime by the way involved grabbing a hose meant for a doggy pool and using it to spray people on the street. Though I will say, Angi adding in "Goddamnit Cayden!!!" being yelled by the kid's father did make me cackle. Though he was not seen again after that, we here at The Angi Taylor Show will be burning prayer candles for Cayden until we find the next thing to distract us. So, with this in mind, Angi wanted to know the most trouble the roadies have gotten into as a kid or a teen. She had a double fold event starting with her babysitting at 11 or 12 the kid of a family friend. When the kid went down, Angi invited over a friend and the pair went snooping. Stumping on videos, they decided to pick something to watch. Turns out the tape was actually porn and so this was Angi's first experience with porn that was not Czechoslovakian gang bang porn. After getting an eyeful, as luck would have it, the parents came home and Angi rushed to turn it off but did not have time to take the tape out. She ran off home and later, the dreaded call came and Angi ended up in more trouble than she knew what to do with. That night she got the hands, the wooden spoons, the shoes and most importantly, grounded. Angi's second foray into being grounded for an entire summer was the time she snuck out the window (wait, trailer windows can fit a person through them?,) was caught and dragged back inside. As for Marris, he was either 3 or 4 and disrupted his uncle's wedding. While his mother was reading in the church, he tried to run up to be next to her but was snatched by his father so fast, he probably assumed it was the hand of God. He also probably assumed that because after the snatch up, he woke up crying in the back of the car so he wasn't sure what kind of heavenly beatdown he got but there is apparently video of the incident. While my parents were not about the grounding, I did get my room trashed once for a reason I can't seem to recall in my PTSD addled brain but I know I did something to warrant having all my posters torn down and such. Now that we're thoroughly traumatized for the day, let's go to the Request Line and add more to our plate. Starting with Samantha who was in high school and asked to make drinks at an adult holiday party. She and a friend snuck a beer from a bucket but left it in her bag. Flash forward three months later when her mother found them in the bag under her desk and she was grounded for two weeks. Eric was literally playing with fire in high school and was lighting up some dead wood. He thought nothing had come of it so he tossed it near a dead tree and went by a friend. When he got back home, it turned out the tree caught fire as well as the shed next to it (oops.) Brett jumped out of the back of the bus using the emergency exit with a friend and he was not allowed to walk the stage and graduate 8th grade, having to pick up his diploma from the office a week later. Mike was 6 years old and playing with the neighbors dog. As 6 year olds do, he decided to paint the dog sky blue with paint from the garage. He tried to lie (while covered in paint) and got an ass beating. Jessie accidentally burnt down the garage when her parents went on a date night after she plugged in a faulty Bud Light neon sign. They also beat the crap out of her. Chris broke into his neighbor's pool and went skinny dipping. He was busted, had the cops called on him and was taken to jail. For his troubles, his parents grounded him for two weeks. If you are looking for more roadie thoughts or have your own, hit up our Facebook group (Angi Taylor Show) and drop us a comment.

Other Stuff from Today's Show

From trauma dumping to taking a dump, Angi offered a PSA for the women, a shaming for the men and made an attempt to trick Marris into making himself look bad. The point here was to showcase that if a man has a woman over for dinner, she should never eat off his coffee table because it's probably covered in poop particles! Dr. Carl, who is basically Australia's Bill Nye the Science guy, made a point of talking about new shoes and how after wearing them for three months, there is a 90% chance they are covered in fecal matter. This is important because the men then put their shoes up on the coffee table and since they clean less than women (according to Dr. Angi,) the transfer is there. After arguing that men are grosser than women and don't clean as much, Marris attempts to do right by us dudes. He explained to Angi that he changes his sheets at least once a month! (I don't know if that helped or hurt the cause to be honest, I change mine roughly the same so but we live alone.) Though Marris doesn't put his feet up on the coffee table, he also doesn't bring shoes into his condo so he is double winning. Angi added though that a place with 2 or more young men is even worse. Marris' friends don't even wear shoes in the house so he's winning even harder. Almost defeated, Angi went after Marris' toilet habits but he cleans under the lid, under the bowl, the floor and the whole bathroom! Angi then tried to say that a lot of men don't clean but defeated, she relented that she would now come over to Marris' condo and eat off the coffee table. He corrected her that they would eat in the dining room and he would light a candle while they waited for Uber Eats because come on, he's not cooking. We tried to cap this by asking about women putting their feet on the coffee table but Angi explained that they don't do that (they pass out on the couch in the nude with a bucket of chicken in their lap, duh.)

Speaking of gross things, the Crypto.com arena (which by the way, what a stupid name, like seriously,) is putting a new practice in the play to attempt to save the environment. They will be offering reusable drinking cups that after used for the evening, can be tossed in a special marked bin. The cups are then taken to an industrial washing facility where they are scrubbed, dried and brought back to be used again. Marris appreciated the novelty of this but he has little faith in people and therefore does not trust this. Angi said this is essentially like going to a restaurant but he explained that the scale is larger and therefore, has a chance to be more problematic. See, what if someone has a bad day and they don't move the dirty cups along and then they get recirculated. Humans tend to side on error and what occurs when they don't take some of the cups, you're getting a bunch of germs, etc. Marris' paranoia aside, this will start in October just in time for the Lakers to start playing. Angi thinks it's a great idea but she too is a little grossed out. I mean, what if someone pees in the cup and being a former bartender, she knows how hard it is to get lipsticks, fingerprints and juice stains out of a cup. Maybe Marris was right in wanting to shut the whole operation down.

Finally, Sunday is Father's Day which means 2,000 people were surveyed to find out the least and most wanted gifts.

Least Wanted:

1. Fishing Gear - This shocked Angi and Marris, after all who doesn't want a nice pole?

2. Golf Stuff - Too easy and typical.

3. Hawaiian Shirt - To be fair, these are made for dads and radio DJ's.

4. Bow Ties - There was confusion how this beat out a regular tie.

5. Cufflinks

6. Gym Attire

7. "World's Best Dad" Trash and Trinkets

8. Socks - Marris agreed and expected it higher on the list.

9. BBQ Tools - It really depends on what tool you give them.

10. Jewelry

Most Wanted:

1. Going Out for a Meal

2. A "Big Ticket" Item

3. Beer

4. Spending Time with the Kids - This is a lie, there's no way.

5. Wine/Hotel Stays

Request Wars 3.5

Theme: A Slipknot Smackdown

Current Champion: Angi (12x)

Angi's Song Choice: “Wait & Bleed" by Slipknot

Marris' Song Choice: "Psychosocial" by Slipknot


10 O' Clock Toast:


Known for his generosity, Shaq gave a bunch of kids in Florida a pair of new shoes in an event titled "Walk a Mile in My Shoes." We tried to be impressed with the size 27 gesture but then Angi did her transcendent Shaq impression and left us all speechless.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"I get greased way too often? If only that were the case." - Angi