Angi Taylor Show Recap With Jay The Gay - 11-18-2022

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This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed)

So we are going into a long...long holiday weekend and on top of that, it's Friday. You know what this means, the fluff is very top heavy today but no one goes into a Friday show expecting a Wednesday show. That said, today we took a look at things people used to love before their 30's but don't seem to like now that they're old (For the record, Angi, Abe and myself are all in our 40's.)

Summer - Angi used to love Summer in her 20's and now it's just too hot. Abe is the same way as well. For her, it's all about Fall now. As for Abe, he's more of a Spring/Fall guy now.

New Music - While other people may not be into it, Abe loves new music, especially finding and discovering it.

Clothes Shopping - Abe said this is really dependent on how big you are though Angi showcased that looking stupid and age appropriate in an outfit matters as well.

Shoes - They are cute but uncomfortable and accident prone Angi is getting over high heels. Also, forget stilettos because they make Angi look like a giraffe.

Sleeping In - Funny enough, Abe still loves it but Angi just can't do it anymore (same girl.) When Abe was 18, he'd sleep til 4 in the afternoon but this was before getting up at 4 A.M. daily. As for Angi, she can sleep till 7 at the latest but then she's up watching TV and going to McDonald's.

Partying - Angi used to love getting dressed up to go out. Now she wants to be in and out of a party as fast as possible. As for Abe, he just loves to ghost all parties.

Other Stuff from Today's Show

Finally, Abe made a sabbatical to the DMV yesterday and much like most Abe situations, it was an ordeal. You see, when he arrived the bouncer at the door was stunned and demanded to know what Abe was doing there. Mind you, he did this from behind the gilded doors much like the guards did at the Wizard's palace in The Wizard of Oz. Abe explained he had an appointment and the guy checked his guest list, demanding that Abe go to another line. When he arrived at the next line, he was yelled at for being there. When he explained why he was there, he was sent back to the Wizard's bouncer. The bouncer then sent Abe to another line which was finally where he was supposed to be. The whole situation was apparently just awful and felt like an ordeal that didn't need to be. This is not the situation for seniors though who are allowed to walk right in. That bodes well for Angi when she goes to get her renewal next week. Also terrible in the experience was Abe's ID picture which he just knows is going to be horrible. Apparently, he was rushed through the process and may have blinked while taking the picture. When he asked to see the picture, they told him "you're fine, getting moving" and he was shoved out the door. At least the whole process only took 30 - 40 minutes so that was something at least. What a great way to cap off this wild week in my opinion.

Request Wars 2.0

Champion: Angi (Streak: 5)

Angi's (repping Sue) Song Choice: "Papercut" by Linkin Park

Abe's (repping Dean) Song Choice: "Judas" by Fozzy

Smack Talk Recap:

Abe apparently gets the most requests in the Request Wars Logbook for "Judas." Dean apparently loves wrestling and Fozzy. Sue loves Linkin Park and wants to hear "Papercut" as it's never played. Abe feels he should win because everyone loves Judas. Abe also feels that Angi has won enough. Funny enough, Angi got a papercut yesterday from the garbage thin paper at work.

Winner: Angi

Don't Kill Angi Weekly Recap:

Mon: Angi wanted to summon Gallagher for one last show

Ethan had Angi decide to have Gallagher smash a pumpkin. The ghost appeared after saying "Gallagher" three times and Angi immediately regretted it. The entire studio stank like onions as the apparition stepped out of the wall, handing Angi a rain poncho to help with the splatter. She put it on as the ghost pulled out a mallet, pumpkin and block to smash it on. After setting up, ghost Gallagher took a swing and smashed the pumpkin with ease. Angi watched with a distinct boredom that she usually exudes and let out a sympathy chuckle. Gallagher then pulled out a second pumpkin and said he needed an assistant. Angi got up out of her chair and walked over, pushing the pumpkin out of the way and sitting down on the block for some reason. Without a second to react, Gallagher picked up his mallet and swung it down, smashing Angi's head open and sending brain matter and bone all over the studio walls. (Dead)

Tue: Angi wanted to drive a winter vehicle to help the people of Chicago

Harvey had Angi decide to drive a plow truck. After waiting for one of the plow guys to use a gas station bathroom, Angi jumped into his truck and took off. She was intent on doing a good deed for the citizens of Chicago and so she headed to the expressway. She was hightailing it through the mounds of snow and was literally drunk with power. Swerving past drivers and cutting them off, Angi probably would have gotten bored and crashed had she not taken her Adderall that morning. However, when it was all said and done, Angi had plowed all the way from The Loop to Gary, Indiana. This allowed everyone to get where they needed to that day and Angi was considered a hero for it. In fact, Mayor Lightfoot brought Angi to city hall to give her the Mayoral Award of Freedom. So yeah, everyone rode clean that morning and lived, as did Angi! (Alive)

Wed: Angi wanted new performance enhancing junk pills

Donna had Angi decide to get some Viagra to compensate for the useless Cialis she had. Angi was tempted to just pour the entire bottle down Jay the Straight's mouth but she thought better of it and gave him one. The pair sat down on the couch and waited for the magic to happen while watching Below Deck. Moments after the episode started though, Jay the Straight's sweat pants suddenly tore off without warning. The magic pill worked and his junk was massive, growing like Pinnocho's nose as it unfurled. It started at 10 inches and Angi was impressed. However, in just moments it became 11 inches, then 12, then 13. At this point, if she was to mount the monster, she would break a personal record of hers. It did not stop there though, going to 14 inches, then 22, then 56 and finally settling on 69 inches. Adjusting her jaw and getting prepared while doing street math in her head, Angi was finally ready. As she moved toward Jay the Straight though, reality caught back to him and his junk suddenly exploded. In turn, Jay the Straight was killed by the explosion that sent Angi flying across the room. Angi spent a second mourning her loss but then went looking for her phone as she still had a whole bottle of Viagra to use and she was ready to party. (Alive)

Thur: Jay the Straight's Cialis finally kicked in

Erica had Angi decide to try the "Standing 69 Undertake Tombstone" sex position. After waiting forever, it seemed the little half of the pill decided to finally kick in. Angi was completely enthralled by Jay the Straight's dong, which had grown to 69 inches (and didn't explode this time.) Angi flexed for a moment to prepare herself for the move. All the while Jay the Straight was having the time of his life. Jay the Straight picked up Angi and flipped her over, forcing her to attempt to figure out exactly how to go at the massive monster. However, before she could choke, Jay the Straight caught a glimpse of the menopause patch on her booty. He was beyond disgusted that his hot wife was now a patch covered monster and that in turn caused him to start vomiting. Jay the Straight spray painted everything in the room with sick, including the walls, floors, couch, one of their dogs and Angi's entire Prince memorabilia collection. Angi was absolutely mortified by all of this and broke out of the position. She wanted more than to escape the scene and so she ran away from Jay the Straight. Unfortunately, the running sent her right into the path of vomit on the floor, which caused her to slip. After flying in the air like a cartoon character, Angi crashed down on her neck which broke as it hit the floor.

Fri: Angi wanted to go to Friendsgiving

Bob had Angi decide to bring turkey shaped gummies to Friendsgiving dinner. After being chased off and then left off the guest list by her own family, Angi decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with her friends. Upon arrival, she passed out the gummies to everyone in attendance and they took them with glee. However, after thirty minutes, everyone sort of turned down and started listening to Radiohead. Angi's good gesture had basically killed the party, which made sense given the nature of this game. While drinking wine alone in the kitchen, Angi heard a knock at the door and went to see who had arrived. To her surprise, behind the door when she opened it was her weird Uncle Dušan. This was the uncle who used to make her sit on his lap at all of the family holiday's when she was in her teens. He arrived seeking a chainsaw, since he had heard that Angi gave out chainsaws on Friday's. Angi went to slam the door on him but then he revealed that he had thought ahead, knowing she wasn't going to give him a chainsaw. He revved up the chainsaw but almost instantly lost control of it and it jetted forward in his hand. The saw flew forward and ended up slicing Angi in half while Thom Yorke drowned on about paranoid androids in the background. (Dead)

10 O'Clock Toast:

Men Who Do the Dishes After Thanksgiving Dinner.

Angi implored all men out there to help with the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner, more so because Abe and I won't be.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"...Don't pay for companionship, Taylor's in the alley out back with a ham right now waiting for a three with you and guess how much it costs, $3.99." - Minn Barb

Best Bet of the Week: Take the Cowboys -1 1/2 against the Vikings.