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Angi Taylor Show Recap With Jay The Gay - 9-21-2022

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This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed)

This morning brought us an end to a compelling saga that we first heard about and I reported upon yesterday. If you didn't catch the show or read up on my notes (first off, how dare you!) then let me get you up to speed. Abe, in a nostalgia laced trip, bought like a drum of orange Tootsie Rolls off of Amazon. This led to him just going absolutely bonkers in eating them because gluttony is the number 1 love of this show. Angi, who apparently lives in a cave, had no idea that orange Tootsie Rolls existed (wait until she finds out they come in a ton of other flavors as well.) Since Abe got heartburn from his pigging out, he offered to bring Angi some of the Tootsie Rolls for her to try (and then he could dump the rest into the iHeart communal candy barrel.) That moment of truth came this morning when she tried it on air and shocking absolutely no one, she hated it. Abe, feeling heartbroken, suggested she chew longer to get the flavor consistency proper in her mouth. The actual problem was the consistency though as she said it felt like she was eating clay. To further add injury to the insult of rejecting Abe's beloved treat, she spit out the Tootsie Roll into the trash. This also could have been a reaction to Abe telling her to "suck it up" so she could get all the juicy flavor in her mouth. We dug a little deeper after this and possibly came up with a reason why Abe loves Tootsie Rolls so much. You see, when he was a young twink AV Boy, he lived by the Tootsie Roll factory. In fact, the Walmart that he wage slaved at as a supple young twink was just across the street from that Tootsie Roll factory. This led to the closing point of this nonsense segment that had them talking about loving the smell of chocolate. Abe would get to sniff it all the time as a kid because he lived so close and Angi indulged as an adult. The Blommer Chocolate Company has a delightfully tasty smell that permeates downtown. She used to go to the gym and then go up to the pool, lounge around and sniff the chocolate in the air. Sure, it isn't something she really loves like Jack Daniels, wine or any other alcohol but it still brings her a sense of joy.

Other Stuff from Today's Show

So Angi was lying on the couch, drinking wine from a bottle and sending angry/flirty/nasty/threatening texts out the other day (replace other day with basically any day and the result is essentially the same.) Anyway, the Seinfeld episode was the nickname one and she felt compelled to make a talking point of it. If you don't know what I'm talking about or have never seen the show, Jerry is dating a girl who he called "Schmoopie." This nickname usage for a significant other made her want to hear what nicknames the roadies have for their partners. Now Angi, she doesn't have one for Jay the Straight which feels like it invalidates the whole point of this but whatever. She's pretty prone to calling everyone babe, love, etc but I think that is totally a front to hide her early onset and she can't remember names anymore (let alone what day of the week it is or why she's on the radio.) After the brain fog cleared for a moment, Angi explained she did have an ex who used to call her "pepper" because she was spicy. It should be noted that this was the ex who was cheating on her and would always buy two of the same gifts to have one for his current piece and an exact replica for his side piece. Abe, of course, doesn't have a nickname for Cathy because "he doesn't get into that silliness." With these two being useless to this, perhaps going to the Request Line will merit some useful stuff. Natalie calls her husband "gummy bear" because he is cuddly, cute and short. This should not be confused with the sexual act gummy bear which involves...wait, I just remembered what I'm typing this out for. AJ calls his significant other "scum bitch" because her mother once came over, saw them looking raged and called her scum bitch. For a moment, Angi had to ponder if AJ's girlfriend's mom was her own. Justin calls his girl "cheeks" because she has a nice perfect ass. Roy calls his "honey bunny" because she's a delicious treat. Abe suggested that in turn, she should nickname him "creep." Joshua calls his lady "Charlie" and she calls him "Maverick" because Top Gun is really cool. Pual calls his girl "Fogel" because they were watching Superbad and he just decided she should be called Fogel. For those curious, she certainly does call him "McLovin." It should be added that she's a smoking import from Poland, do with that what you will. Jim calls his wife "sweets" when he's with her and when he's with the kids, he calls her "Schmessica." Angi kindly suggested that he make that name more fun and call her "Smashica." If you are looking for more roadie comments or have your own, hit up our socials (FB group, Twitter, Instagram) and read up or drop us a comment.

So, if you listen to the show regularly, you would know that Abe is always giving Angi crap about the band t-shirts that she wears. His issue lies in that very few are actually from shows and that they were mostly bought at Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, Kohl's and Target. Fun fact before I continue, since they sell band shirts as well, Angi has never stepped foot into a Walmart. Anyway, this topic was to rag on those people in their 20's who wear band shirts but don't know anything about them. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that logos like The Rolling Stones and Metallica tend to be popular but when it comes to naming songs, most can't do it. 17 year olds don't know their tracks and middle schoolers in Sublime and Nirvana shirts definitely don't know anything. Funny enough, the reason the popularity boomed was because of big box retailers selling this stuff as it gives easy access and makes it trendy. The poll showcased that 25% of people who wear band stuff are not familiar with them. Furthermore, 41% of people under 30 don't know anything. Angi is technically a culprit in this as she once bought a Goatwhore shirt based on the name of the band. Funny enough, Abe (who normally hates everything,) was okay with this because it creates awareness and gives bands money. Before getting to the Top 5 most popular shirts, Angi retold the story of when she was in LA and she was accosted by some loser on the street. Angi was wearing an AC/DC shirt and a girl stopped her and said "nice shirt." She then tried to quiz Angi on her favorite AC/DC song and Angi responded "Hells Bells." I'm sure that in her head, the response was furthered with "yeah, take that you stupid bitch!" As fate would have it, the girl was wearing a Rancid shirt so Angi flipped the table on her. Of course, the girl responded with "I like all of them" to which Angi scoffed, laughed and proceeded into a bar/liquor store/AA meeting (pick whatever fits your narrative. As for the Top 5 most popular that I teased, they are: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, Pink Floyd and Green Day.

Finally, a bit of a PSA for all you folks out there. Today is the last day of Summer which means Fall starts tomorrow. This also means that we are now in "Dating Drafting Season." This is that magical time of year where you start cutting loose all your summer trim and pick out the best options for "Cuffing Season." You know how it goes, you've been freelancing all summer and now you need to get your squad down to who you want to spend those long winters with. Get rid of the trash and start finding the perfect options to bring to Christmas but also easy enough to toss when March 1st rolls around. Basically, if you do drafting season wisely, you'll have a great Netflix and Chill winter. That is unless you are Angi & Abe who are both stuck in Ball & Chain season year round.

Request Wars 2.0

Champion: Angi (Streak: 1)

Angi's (repping Lisa) Song Choice: "Need You Tonight" by INXS

Abe's (repping Blake) Song Choice: "Detroit Rock City" by KIϟϟ

Smack Talk Recap:

Abe dedicated his song today to Head Roadie Jim, Head Roadie Konrad and Robocop, all repping or close enough to repping Detroit. As for Angi, she just loves INXS and Michael Hutchence. Abe rambled on about seeing the Robocop statue when it's erected and Angi laughed at him as expected. There was more goofing as we revisited Abe being an AV Club Boy. Angi was mainly the most upset though because Hutchence was hot and no one in KIϟϟ is.

Winner: Abe

10 O'Clock Toast:

JoAnn Oliver.

She's from Georgia and she is both a toast and jobber today after she found $543 in her KFC bag. While this is admirable to some and worth a toast, Angi thinks she's a jobber for returning it.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"You know Babe Ruth was sniffing jockstraps or smoking crack...." - Abe