Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 5-4-2021

This is a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting and funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast version of the show. If you want a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

So on yesterday's show, fellow iHeart employee (over on WGCI) Leon Rogers had called in to discuss the amazing video from this past weekend of him running into Ric Flair. The pair got drunk together and Flair even cut a promo video for him. So, this inspired Angi to ask who the biggest celebrity you've ever run into in the wild. This stipulation was used to negate things like meeting them at Comic Con, at a meet and greet, radio events (sorry Angi, those don't count.) She's looking more for something like "I was at McDonald's and I bumped into Cher ordering a McChicken." In a story we've heard but is still funny, when Angi was a kid her dad brought over Baron von Raschke after a night of drinking at a bar. Abe was once at an ATM and he ended up meeting Scottie Pippen, who apparently was not withdrawing money to give as a tip. An even better Angi encounter though involved the night of Y2K, when Angi was in Colorado and also ironically also at an ATM. Beloved actress Joan Cusak wandered over and Angi was holding a bottle of champagne (because of course she was) and she offered a swig to Joan, who ended up getting all up in it. Abe was on his bi-weekly visit to Fogo de Chão and he spotted hair transplant spokesman Brian Urlacher and some race car driver, who had actually parked his race car out front of the restaurant. Abe also saw Leo Dicaprio going into the bathroom once in Vegas, surrounded by an entourage of dudes (otherwise Abe would have made his move probably.) Head Roadie Troy called in to mention how he met The Big Show at a friends house once. Big Show (aka Paul) showed up for a kids birthday party. Troy ended up getting one of Paul's luggage tags as a momento. Hearing this, Angi pondered where it could possibly be these days and Abe automatically assumed probably in a trash can. Roadie Tom definitely had the best encounter on the list when he ran into Prince scoping out jewelry at Carson's on State Street in 2004. Another Tom called in to discuss how his hippie father met Muhammed Ali after he showed up at a house he was at. Milan met Jerry Springer outside his building while doing a job once at the Hancock when Springer was living there. Angi told the story of how she was once asked to dinner by Jerry but she turned him down because she had to "wash her hair." Flabbergasted, Abe said she should have been taking advantage of these losers. Chad met Carmen Electra while he was at a Bulls game, she was sitting in Rodman's seat which was just in front of him. My deceased best friend Chenzo once spent an epic evening getting drunk with actor Michael Pena after running into him at a bar. As for me, I met actress Robin Tunney once at a family party she was attending when my cousin was dating her cousin. This was during her prime as well after she had been inThe Craftand had just doneEmpire Records.

All the Rest:

Ah Tuesday or as you're referred to on this show, the stank day of the week. What better way to celebrate the worst day of the week and start these notes then with a little hodgepodge. It began with Journey being played and Abe saying once more that they need to become Burger King's spokes(people?) If this idea was to be capitalized on though, Abe was seeking his 10% because anyway he wants it is to be paid apparently. It then turned into a discussion of Journey at Lolla (which we don't know if it is happening or not, both the fest and appearance.) Abe was not keen on seeing them but he's starting to come around. The feeling here is that it would be like seeing a cover band because of that lead singer who isn't Steve Perry but sounds like him. Then again, at this rate going to any concert would be a complete blessing. It's also May the 4th, that day where dorks nerd out aboutStar Wars. This led into a discussion of favorite characters from the franchise. Abe was all about Darth Vader, whereas Angi was in the same boat but is also a Chewbacca fan as well. Speaking ofStar Wars, noted trash heap of only a handful of relevant things Disney+ has a Simpsons themedStar Warsspecial out now calledThe Force Awakens from Its Nap. As Angi described the jist of what the special is about, Abe complained thatThe Simpsonsshould be ended already (I kind of agree but I still watch it for the sake.) This then branched to the final topic in this mix matched stew, a discussion about high school. You see, back then Angi had a pair of jeans with Bart Simpson on the leg. These particular jeans were relevant because she once wore them to a Thanksgiving dinner of a guy she had been dating. Not to be upstaged, Abe once wore black zoombas with a Raiders logo on them to a wake. Angi wore a Raiders jacket back in the day because she wanted to be in NWA. Unfortunately for Abe, he couldn't wear Raiders stuff in school because it was considered too close to gang colors. And there we have it, a bunch of stuffed blended into a Tuesday morning sludge smoothie.

Speaking of sludge smoothies, Angi brought up a food related topic and this seemed like the perfect segway into it. Angi asked Abe about how extra he gets when he orders food. Abe is very sauce heavy when it comes to being a foodie, he loves to cover and smoother everything. He's the king of extra mayo or the mayo bomb as we call it on this show. When he gets fries, he desires bbq sauce to dip them in. There was a time way back when he went to Benniagan's and ordered chicken fingers. When he asked for more sauce, the employee gave him a "really bitch" look. For this reason, Abe hates the people who get to decide what extra sauce is considered and that there's no universal sign for "it's this much." However, when it comes to his Dunkin' coffee order, Abe is very simple. He takes it black (like his jeans ... what, did you really expect me to use the Airplane joke here.) This all came about because if you are a rampant drink modder at Starbucks, just know you are being judged. An employee tweeted out a picture of "Edward's" order that went viral because this guy was the definition of extra. He had 13 different mods made to his drink, which is beyond ridiculous. We capped this by Abe telling the story of the time he got cut off by a woman who ordered a coffee with 16 sugars and 12 creams, so in other words, she was looking for a soda but ended up at a Dunkin'.

Finally, Angi's single girlfriend bought herself a house out in LA and now she's considering getting a hot tub. The question that was pondered was does a hot tub mean that you're a swinger or someone who bangs a lot in said tub. The question became, unless you are a professional athlete, why do you actually need a hot tub aside from banging. They need it for their muscles and joints, you need it to flop out the goods in the water it seems. The other sticking point seemed to be that she lives in LA and why would you need a hot tub when it's never cold there. Other signs of being a swinger came out of this discussion, which included a hot tub, certain jewelry (including black wedding rings which Abe's brother Sam and Jay the Straight ironically have,) home decor (pineapple door knockers and flags,) a painting of Bill Clinton in a dress retrieved from Jeffery Epstein's house. Wait, scratch that last one, that just means you're a pedophile but not a swinger. Angi just finds the idea of a hot tub absolutely gross, like a human bacteria frap. In fact, people who have them should be considered weird (I say shame them while you're at it.) Angi explained that if she and Jay the Straight had one, they would definitely be inviting people over to hang and bang. Even though Abe tried to push the joints and relaxation point, Angi was not letting go of the banging. The thing is though, in a place like LA, a lot of these people have a hot tub or a pool. Abe finally seemed to come around, going with the friend definitely being a swinger. Funny enough, the friend took a Twitter poll and even there, she was deemed a freak.

Request Wars:

Current Champion: Rich

Challenger Song Choice: "Prayer"

Champion Song Choice: "I Will Not Bow"

Observation: Mother cracks, dumpin on Disturbed, this was definitely a step up from yesterday's absolute snoozefest but the best thing that came from it was the Bob drama that preceded it.

Winner: Trystann

The 8:30 Call Out:

Abe called out the person who broke the gate to get out of the parking garage at the studio.

Angi called out the Karen's because she went into a park and screamed at a woman for having a pet pig at the park.

Amanda called out her 3 year old for being a defiant little brat.

10 o' Clock Toast:

Today's toast was absent, I'm assuming that it was either busy throwing up from all the whiskey it joined the city in drinking to honor Victor yesterday or it was simply locked away in the drunk tank. It will be here tomm.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

Quote: "Here's a tip for your pedophiles, if you hear someone mention sweet tea, run." - Abe

Quote "If you ever call the request line, assume you're live at all times." - Abe

Quote: "Don't teach him that any time his pants are down and there's a puppet around, it's a good thing." - Angi

Sus Quote: "Do you think Andy Dalton has red junk?" - Abe