How Much Halloween Candy Would You Have to Eat to Overdose? (Not TOO Much!)

YUMMMMY! Halloween Candy! I have already eaten all the candy we had in the house at this point!

Someone came up with a formula that tells you how many fun-sized pieces of candy you could eat in one sitting based on what a lethal dose of sugar is. It's 13.5 grams of sugar for every pound of body weight.

For a 180-pound person, 5.4 pounds of straight sugar would do it. That's how much you'd get in 262 pieces of fun-sized candy, or 1,627 pieces of candy corn.

You can calculate your own candy limit with this formula: Multiply your body weight by 13.5. Then divide by 9.3 grams, which is the average amount of sugar in a fun-sized candy bar.