Law and Disorder | 12/5/18

Law & Disorder on December 5, 2018

Here is the link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • Question: My stepson works for a garage door company and he fell on the jobsite off a ladder and fractured his pelvis. His boss let his Workman’s Comp lapse, but he does have a million dollars in liability and he was working on a half a million-dollar home. What should he do?
  • Answer: He needs to contact a lawyer immediately. He’s covered but he will have to sue the guy directly. If his boss let his Workers Comp. lapse and somebody gets hurt on the job, the company is responsible.
  • Question: My fiancé works for a hospital and contracted scabies and was forced to use sick days. Now 2 months later she contracts scabies again from a patient and is out sick for days. She was forced to stay home by the hospital. They want to fire her for not having anymore sick days. What should we do?
  • Answer: If she got scabies at the job, the hospital is responsible for it. She will have to prove it.
  • Question: A daughter who 19 years is old was at a college campus concert down in Miami. Passed out during the concert due to dehydration. They checked and there were no drugs or alcohol in her system. The medics treated her at the scene with IV’s. She refused hospital several times and had friends there who were witnesses. The medics took her to the hospital and now she has thousands in bills. Can anything be done for that?
  • Answer: Your daughter put herself in a position where they couldn’t rely on her statement. She passed out and couldn’t guarantee that it would happen again. If they walked away and it did happen again, they would have been held liable.
  • Question: Driving in the middle of the night, tired, I fell asleep and drove head on into a giant palm tree over by some theme parks. Totaled my car, had full coverage but there was no one else to blame so I didn’t think to get compensation for my injuries. What can I do?
  • Answer: No matter who’s fault it is, your insurance has PIP coverage. If you don’t see a doctor within the first 2 weeks, that amount is waived.
  • Question: This person does cable and was bit by someone’s dog while on the job installing cable. Do they have a suit?
  • Answer: You can file a Workers’ Comp claim. 

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