Dave Grohl Invites a Blind Child on Stage to Play His Guitar...

Dae Grohl is my hero AGAIN! This weekend at a show in St. Paul ... he noticed a blind child in the audience and was quick to ask him on stage. The child and his parents watched the remainder of the concert from the side of the stage, with Grohl bringing his guitar over to the child so that he could touch it.

This was so moving to me.. and especially after the mom wrote on social that Dave and the entire crew was SO cool and explained her son's condition. He is blind and also autistic and they (her & husband) have taken him to over 100 concerts! They each take turns holding him up so that he can FEEL the music.. so amazing! Check out the vidoes below if you have a moment. 

Read more at https://www.nme.com/news/music/dave-grohl-blind-child-foo-fighters-gig-2392173#RdRQreYpAVklxwOJ.99



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