Led Zepplin & Greta Van Fleet Mashup.. Ledda Van Flepplin

Here's What Led Zeppelin Sounds Like Mashed Up With Greta Van Fleet..

I'm a BIT confused because I feel like they sound A LOT alike.. But here is the lowdown on the mix from DJ Cummerbund. People obviously have said that Gretta Van Fleet and Zepplin sound very similiar.

 DJ Cummerbund was subliminally thinking the same thing , although he claims that he was actually trying to prove the opposite when he mashed up songs from both bands. Taking Greta's recent single "When the Curtain Falls" and Zeppelin's "The Wanton Song," Cummerbund created "When The Wanton Falls." 

This is what he had to say- "I was tired of people saying Greta Van Fleet sounds like Led Zeppelin, so I created the supergroup Ledda Van Fleppelin to prove that they don't sound anything alike," he writes on YouTube. 

Check it out! 



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