Beware of this PHONE SCAM!!

Be Careful of This Phone Scam

Obviously I want ALL to VOTE!!! Let your voice be heard.. whoever that you want to support! 

BUT- this is the newest VOTING PHONE SCAM! People are calling to make you think that they want to register you to VOTE and you only have to give them your info .. but scammers are using your personal information for ALL the wrong reasons, potentially to steal your identity. 

JERKS! I am so over getting all the scam calls about everything from a car warranty to medical insurance. You can't even block numbers anymore- they call from a different one EVERY time! 

If you get phone calls where someone hangs up OR you hear a clicking sound.... that might also be a scam! They are making sure that a "Human" owns or answers that line and then they SELL your number 

Good Luck! I don't think anytime soon these calls are going to stop! ....



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