Most Dangerous Celebs to Search Online

Who Are the Most Dangerous Celebs to Search Online?

Well, I find this NOT hard to believe... Kim Kardashian came out on the top this year for MOST dangerous celeb to search online. Next on the list is Naomi Campbell then Kim’s sister, Kourtney.

Other celebrities that featured on the list include Adele, Caroline Flack, Rose Byrne, Britney Spears and Emma Roberts.

Actress Ruby Rose is the most dangerous actress to search for online according to a new study from McAfee. 

These searches can be particularly dangerous because search results generate risky links to websites that can do harm to your computer. SO WATCH WHAT YOU ARE "Googling!" 

Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari is second on the list. She's followed by actress Marion Cotillard.



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