Universal Technical Institute Orlando- Dyno Demo

Last night I had a chance to get a tour at the Universal Technical Institute in Orlando. I do LOVE cars.. but I don't know a lot about them. Inside an automotive shop I would assume a little greasy, etc... BUT I could have eaten off the floors in the workroom/classroom. 

Anyone that you might know who is looking for a career, loves vehicles, boats, motorcycles.. this is the place! I was super impressed by the school and everyone I had a chance to meet including the students. 

Maybe I need to take the year class to learn how to fix my own car- they have a specialty elective for FORD! I can't even imagine being able to fix my Explorer- I might be pretty cool! :) 

These students below were hanging out after class and let me film a dyno demo of just how powerful this Roush Yates Mustang Engine is...... 



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