Lost Contact Found in Woman's Eyelid 28 Years Later

Woman Makes Gross Discovery 28 Years After Losing Contact Lens

  • A lot of us have lost a contact lens. But you never expect to find it 28 years later.
  • A team of doctors in Britain performed surgery on a woman with a swollen eyelid and found the cause... a contact lens that had been in her eye for 28 years.
  • According to BMJ Case Reports, the 42-year-old woman suffered swelling just below her left eyebrow and the cause was thought to be a cyst that steadily grew over a six month period.
  • It was only when the doctors performed surgery that they realized the cyst contained a rigid gas permeable contact lens, which the woman said she had not worn in decades.

Story - http://www.foxnews.com/health/2018/08/15/lost-contact-found-in-womans-eyelid-28-years-later.html



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