Take a Look at the PEARL JAM Exhibit in Seattle! I want to GO!

THIS IS SO RAD! I have to make a trip to Seattle... Not just because of this, but it adds to the LOVE of the city for sure! 

Pearl Jam Museum Exhibit Opens

  • A new exhibit dedicated to Pearl Jam is set to open in the band's hometown of Seattle.
  • The exhibit at the Seattle Museum Of Pop Culture is called "Pearl Jam: Home and Away".  Some of the artifacts on display include Eddie Vedder's old typewriter and handwritten notebooks, the giant letters from the 'Ten' album cover shoot, and a recreation of the band's old rehearsal space.
  • It also includes an eight-foot bronze statue of Andrew Wood, the late frontman of Mother Love Bone, whose death in 1992 led Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament to form Pearl Jam.
  • The exhibit opens this Saturday and will remain open into 2019.


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