Law and Disorder | 7/11/18

Law & Disorder on July 11, 2018

  • Question: I was in an accident 3 ½ weeks ago. The other driver was deemed at fault. The damages to the car were $2,500. At the time I was not hurt, and neither was my 18-month child in the back of the car. Now however, I am experiencing injuries. Is there a statute of limitations for filing an insurance claim for an injury after an auto accident?
  • Answer: You must see a doctor and get checked out within the first 2 weeks or risk losing PIP benefits. Since this was 3 ½ weeks later, they normally will hold the $10,000 PIP benefits against you. Your settlement could drop by that amount.
  •  Question: I fell off a roof and broke my back. I received $10,000 settlement that covered everything. Now I am experiencing more injuries due to the hurt back. Can I be entitled to more compensation since it is due to the original injury?
  • Answer: Usually not. Normally once you settle, the case is closed. Unless it wasn’t covered in the release you signed.
  • Question: A few weeks ago, I was in a parking lot and caught a guy in the car next to me watching me as he proceeded with a lude act. The police said that none of the cameras around worked and they were unable to get footage or obtain the vehicle information. Can I go after the stores for not providing proper security?
  • Answer: Normally, you must show damages. Such as, were you psychologically so upset that you needed therapy, things of this nature.

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