Eating Out VS Cooking At Home... Yikes!

SO I def eat out way too often. IT IS EASY... Well look at the money that you can save from EATING at HOME! 

Most people probably EAT OUT more than cooking at home. Forbes just looked at how much money we throw away... it is quite sickening honestly. I instantly want to bring my lunch to work! 

Forbes looked at over 80 different dinner recipes, and compared what they cost at the average restaurant to what they cost if you busted it out in your own kitchen. THE ANSWER is 5X what it costs to make at home!

They found that the average dinner from a restaurant is $20.37 WITH the $5 delivery fee.... compared to aout $4.31 if you make it at home! That's a $16 difference!!! AND THAT IS for ONE PERSON! 

That means that if you order delivery about 3x a week, it costs about $48 ... $200 a month! 

Some of the meals with the biggest markups include spaghetti with meat sauce, $21 compared to $3 at home (which that is always my "go-to" at Italian places). . . pork chops, $25 compared to $3 . . . and chicken wings, $20 compared to about $2 per person if you make them from scratch.

They also looked at how much more it costs to use a meal kit service, like Blue Apron.  And it's about THREE TIMES more expensive per meal than if you just bought the ingredients and made it yourself.  


Story- Forbes 


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