GNR First Rock Band to Hit 1 Billion Views

I LOVE that this song & band are the ones to break the ROCK Record.. And well, why not just stop to watch the video! One of my ultimate favorites! 

"November Rain" Is First Rock Video To Reach One Billion Views On YouTube

  • Guns N' Roses have broken a record that is usually reserved for today's pop stars. The hard rockers just passed one billion views on YouTube, a first for a rock band.
  • 1992's "November Rain" is also the first video from the 90s to reach such a milestone, according to Forbes.
  • The video averaged nearly 560,000 views a day throughout 2017, with 83% this year coming from outside the US, mainly from Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.
  • "Sweet Child O' Mine" is on its way to the one billion mark as well, which has been watched 694 million times so far.