Could Led Zepplin Get Back Together This Year? It is their 50th!

OKAY- so this might have been a little of a tease... I was hoping for a better story! I would like for Zepplin to get back together and play because it is a band I have NEVER seen together! :) 

They are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year so rumors about a Led Zeppelin 50th anniversary reunion have been buzzing for months, despite the band insisting that it isn't happening.  Recently, Robert Plant tried once again to put those rumors to bed by suggesting the band might reunite - for some tasty fish and chips.

When the singer was asked about a reunion, Plant said "Only in a chip shop in Camden Town! I think that's about as close as we will get to it!"Zep haven't played together since 2007, when Jason Bonham filled in for his father John Bonham on drums.


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