Secret Service warns of gas pump card skimmers this 4th of July

Beware of gas pump credit/debit card skimmers this holiday. I hate that I even have to post something like this- however better to be safe than sorry. I always use my card at the pump... 

  • The Secret Service has a warning for us while we celebrate the 4th of July - Watch out for credit/debit card skimmers at gas stations.
  • A skimmer is a small device that a thief can install where you swipe you card at a gas pump. The skimmer can gather all of your card information.
  • Over the last weekend, Secret Service agents went looking for the devices in 21 states. They recovered 59 skimmers from 85 locations nationwide. 
  • Experts say the best way to avoid being skimmed is by paying inside the gas station with your card or even better, with cash.


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