Pantera Drummer, Co-Founder Vinnie Paul Dies At 54.

I am so sad. I woke up and had gotten a text that Vinnie Paul had passed. I was hoping that it was a rumor, but that is not the case. My heart hurts for this family. 

Below is the Pantera Official Facebook Post from tonight...

We will keep you updated with additional info that comes out thru the day. 

I just jamming yesterday when I played 'Cowboys From Hell' on the air... One of my Favorites. 

This Metal Hero Will be MISSED... 


Vinnie Paul was born on March 11, 1964 in Abilene, Texas. He and his brother, the late Dimebag Darrell, formed Pantera together in 1981. The band initially played a hard rock / glam style, releasing three albums all under the guidance of their father Jerry, a country music songwriter. After landing on new singer Philip Anselmo to front the group in 1986, Pantera changed course with a heavier style on Power Metal, which was released two years later.

The biggest change came on the groundbreaking follow-up, Cowboys From Hell, which kickstarted the legacy of Pantera. With Vinnie Paul's thunderous fills and precision attack in perfect unison with Dime's lean riffing, the band dominated the '90s and paved the way for more extreme music to enter the consciousness of the mainstream.


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