HBO Is Building a Real Life Westworld in Austin and You Can Go!

What could go wrong?

HBO is giving fans their chance to actually visit Westworld — or, at least, the closest the network can simulate without inventing flawlessly realistic interactive androids.

The network is building a version of the show’s iconic town of Sweetwater outside Austin, Texas, during the upcoming South by Southwest festival.

Billed as a “Live Without Limits Weekend” experience, the network has rented out two acres of land for a Westworld-themed park that features recreations of locations and elements from the hit HBO drama series, including The Coronado hotel and the Mariposa Saloon. “No guidebook, no orientation, no regrets,” teases a video for the attraction below. 

The simulation will start before guests arrive at the park, with fans being picked up in Austin in a “Delos Shuttle” and getting assigned a black hat or white hat.

At the park, fans can interact with the park’s “hosts” (played by actors who will not have sex with you), sample western-themed food and beverages, touch non-robotic horses, and hunt for clues to the show’s many mysteries. The hosts will be well-programmed on how to handle guest comments and questions, but feel free to try and stump them if you like. 

The experience runs March 9-11. Spots are limited. Fans must pre-register at to get on the list. 


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