Man Thinks He Got Deal on Chili Peppers tickets; Ends up at Bagpipe Concert


If you can get RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS tickets for $41 each, you jump on that deal.  Just make sure you check and re-check the spelling.

A British guy named Duncan Robb found tickets for a show in Ireland at  that price, so he bought a pair as a Christmas gift for his girlfriend.   The concert was this past Sunday.  But right before they left, they  realized that Duncan had made a mistake.

They didn't have tickets for the actual Chili Peppers . . . they had tickets for the RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS, the self-proclaimed "most famous BAGPIPE band on the planet."  Oh, and they call their style BAGROCK.  

The best part of the story is that they WENT TO THE SHOW ANYWAY.  He was man enough to Tweet about his mistake . . . but so far he hasn't given us a review of the show.

Source: Wise Brother Media


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