Philly Donut Shop Selling Tom Brady "Butterfinger" Donut


A vegan donut shop in Philly has introduced a new item to troll New  England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over an ill-fated  play during  Sunday’s 41-33 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

Dubbed the “Tom Brady’s Butterfinger,” the item from Dottie’s Donuts  mocks the Patriots quarterback’s inability to corral a pass on a trick  play in Sunday’s loss.

Here’s what Dottie’s Donuts co-owner Jeff Poleon cheekily had to say about the trolling treat.

“Our inspiration for this donut was Tom Brady’s performance during the Super Bowl.” Poleon told LIVEKINDLY.  “Additional inspiration came from the way Foles handled the ball.  Watching Foles defeat Brady we knew we had to do one final Super Bowl  themed donut. It is too SWEET of an opportunity and we couldn’t let it  slip through our fingers!”

As Poleon alludes to, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, unlike  Brady, was able to corral a catch of his own on a trick play. To add  insult to injury, Foles’ reception was for a touchdown, something that inspired an Eagles fan to get a pretty cool tattoo.

As  noted, Dottie’s Donuts is a vegan establishment, so “Tom Brady’s  Butterfingers” isn’t made with ingredients one would typically associate  with an item bearing such a name. Instead, the treat “is a yeast raised  donut with our chocolate glaze dipped in a house made crumbed  butterfinger candy.”

“It will be a lot a better than Tom Brady was last night,” Poleon added, via

Given Brady’s rigid dietary regimen,  it’s conceivable the vegan donut created in his “honor” is something  the Pats signal-caller may actually eat. Not that Brady probably has any  plans to visit the City of Brotherly Love anytime soon.

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