Law & Disorder with Attorney Jeffrey Kaufman: 1/24

Weird Wednesday with Pat and Taco arguing about how we should use our phones when we are driving. Here is a link to the show if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • New law in the Florida House concerning texting and driving which will allow a law enforcement officer to pull you over and charge you with a crime. While I agree with a driver not playing with his phone while driving, I don’t like the idea that it can be the sole reason why you are pulled over.
  • A woman guaranteed a loan for her boyfriend and wants to know if she can sue after he defaulted. If she was damaged, I advised her that she might be able to and it would depend on whether it was a gift or she lent him the money.
  • CPN numbers are being sold as a way around bad credit. I informed them that the Social Security Department has advised against it and there are better ways to improve your credit.
  • The caller had a problem with her attorney waiting so long to file suit on her car accident case. I told her it’s important that you know the policy limits and make sure your attorney plans to move into litigation as soon as they reach an impasse. Again, I stressed how important it is to not hire a law firm before you know who will be representing you.

After the show, I spent another fifteen minutes answering listener’s texts and then Austin and I headed back to the office with a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.


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