Law & Disorder Recap with Attorney Jeffrey Kaufman

Law & Disorder Recap with Personal Injury Attorney Jeffrey Kaufman: January 17th 2018

I had a fun time with Pat and Taco as usual. Here is a link to the Facebook live video if you didn’t get a chance to watch it.

  • Sex permission contract apps are not binding contracts. They are simply extra facts to be put into evidence if the judge admits them. In Florida like most other states do not allow an individual to contract for sex.
  • Divorce case concerning one ex-spouse getting promoted and the other party wanting to take him to court to pay more child support. You have normally show a significant change in circumstances to modify a divorce order.
  • Property question concerning applying for a mortgage and having to provide your credit history. If your name is on mortgage; the mortgage company almost always checks your credit.
  • The child custody case where they wanted to know if the child can choose which parent they are going to live with. A judge can take a child’s desire into his final decision making process but in the end it’s the judge’s decision.
  • Can a will be drafted on a napkin? It maybe be used to prove the decedent’s wishes but in Florida it normally has to be witnessed by two people and notarized.

I also spent another twenty minutes after the show answering about fifteen other text questions before the Shot Doctor called in an I had to give back the monitor to Taco.

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