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The Dirty In 30

Nothing like a half naked party girl...unless you are a teen mom!! Click here for the pics and the story!

Bieber is a jackass.. and perhaps a girl in a man's body.  THAT'S why he's so angry!

We heard yesterday that JUSTIN BIEBER was being investigated by police for BATTERY, after he got into an argument with his neighbor while he was home briefly from his world tour.

--And now, we have a report on what allegedly happened.

--TMZ says a 47-year-old man went to Justin's house to complain on Tuesday morning, because Justin was racing his Ferrari around the neighborhood at 100 miles per hour.  He yelled, quote, "You can't drive like this!"

--Justin replied, quote, "Get the [eff] out of here" . . . and then SPIT IN THE GUY'S FACE.  Then he THREATENED HIM, saying, quote, "I'm gonna [effing] kill you."

--The guy was particularly upset because his wife was out walking the dog while Justin was tearing up the neighborhood . . . and there were a lot of kids outside because of spring break.

 --Justin left from Los Angeles International Airport last night to resume his tour.  He's playing in Munich today.  But before he left, he reportedly spent an hour at SELENA GOMEZ'S house.

--There's no word what happened there.