BP plea, 4 billion dollar fine accepted by judge in Gulf oil spill  CLICK HERE

Scummer of the week candidate #4  CLICK HERE

Sanford offers police chief job to candidate from Illinois  CLICK HERE

Hostess close to selling Twinkie brand to new baker  CLICK HERE

Update:  Dead python count at 37 at halfway point of hunt  CLICK HERE

78 year old man stabs, kills wife in argument over hamburger  CLICK HERE

NYC yanking "Don't Honk" signs down  CLICK HERE

Dog eats own tail to survive  CLICK HERE

SI:  Ray Lewis used banned substance during recovery from injury  CLICK HERE

Pro tip:  Don't buy "Super Bowl" tickets from Craigslist  CLICK HERE

Today's gun hysteria item:  5 year old threatened with suspension for making a "Lego gun"  CLICK HERE

Prostitutes at the nursing home...  CLICK HERE

Erectile dysfunction doctor gunned down and killed in exam room  CLICK HERE