Excuse me, does anyone know who might have taken $400K worth of diamonds from my rental car?  CLICK HERE

Cleaning lady steals COMMUTER TRAIN,  derails and crashes through a house  CLICK HERE

Pat Robertson says that "Awful looking women" are "ruining marriages"  CLICK HERE

Teacher sues school district over her "fear of children"  CLICK HERE

Python hunt update:  Only 11 snakes killed so far...  CLICK HERE

Go ahead and "stand closer to the rhino"...  CLICK HERE

"Satan Catcher" arrested for shoplifting.  Also stated he was "on a mission for Seal Team 6"  CLICK HERE

Scummer of the week candidates #6 and #7  CLICK HERE

Buckethead, is that you?  CLICK HERE

Man gets additional jail time for stealing underwear on his way TO JAIL  CLICK HERE

Man to cop plea in sex with a couch case  CLICK HERE