Domestic dispute:  Man rode on hood of car for 10 plus miles before being shot to death through windshield  CLICK HERE

Hundreds killed in Brazil nightclub fire  CLICK HERE

Drunk woman takes hits home, screen porches, ac units, fences before being tased by cops  CLICK HERE

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Duct tape, super glued to a chair, fighting teens with a metal level...just another day in Volusia County...  CLICK HERE

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Soccer to die for...  CLICK HERE

New high tech crime fighting tool:  SmartWater  CLICK HERE

93 year old man kills wife of 70 years because he "couldn't take it anymore"  CLICK HERE

Man arrested for 11th DUI pleads not guilty because of "mental defect"  CLICK HERE

See, The USA is not alone when it comes to lazy residents looking for governement handouts...  CLICK HERE