Florida passes texting while driving ban, goes to Governor Scott to review, sign  CLICK HERE

Sanford police knock on doors in black neighborhood in effort to "improve image"  CLICK HERE

14-year-old boy, the prostitute, the iPad and the piggy bank...  CLICK HERE

Katie Perry's dad calls her a "devil child" in sermons  CLICK HERE

Man claims to be a monkey, strips at 7-11 store  CLICK HERE

Tourist can't access account, so he robs bank  CLICK HERE

Man caught in sex sting was on way to buy headstone for late wife  CLICK HERE

Ice cream truck vendors fued in upstate NY...  CLICK HERE

Animal services rescues dogs from "trunking" operation in Miami  CLICK HERE

Psychiatrist pleads guilty to booby trapping bike trails  CLICK HERE

"Mama's Day Our Way"  CLICK HERE

Man jailed for 13 years for DUI etc.. etc... etc...  CLICK HERE

"Finders Keepers" store sign does not mean come on in and take stuff  CLICK HERE