Last week I had the opportunity to travel to LA to participate in TNT's media junket for their new show "Legends". When I heard about this show I was blown away. The show is produced by Howard Gordon. Howard was part of one of my two favorite shows of all time 24. Yes, just one step away from Jack Bauer! The star of the show is Sean Bean. Sean is from my other favorite show of all time Game of Thrones. Not just from GOT, but he was Ned Stark....Warden of the North. I'm a Stark loyalist so it was all I could do not to pack my House Stark shirt and totally geek out. Anyway, the premise of the show is very much down the line of shows like 24 and Homeland (also Howard Gordon). Really it's straight up my alley. During the event I got to interview the stars and creators of the show including Sean and Howard (I was a little nervous for that one), Ali Larter (If I knew how to make those little heart emoticons here I would totally do it), and Morris Chestnut and David Wilcox. Check out the interviews and photos below. Legends debuts tonight at 9:00 on TNT and it's FANTASTIC (I saw the first two episodes). So tune in tonight and set those DVRs for the season. This one is a keeper. - Dickerman

Sean Bean and Howard Gordon from TNT's Legends

Ali Larter from TNT's Legends

Morris Chestnut and David Wilcox from TNT's Legends

Sean Bean and Howard Gordon

Ali Larter

Morris Chestnut and David Wilcox