Lynch and Taco Off The Air

Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/24/17

How many of these weird habits do YOU have?

Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/23/17

We've both seen (and participated in) some crazy things that have happened at concerts over the years.  Today, we share a few incidents that we have never before discussed on the show:



Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/22/17

Universal has announced they will build hotels where Wet N Wild used to be...  With that we add that Central Florida attraction to a very long list of things that are now just a memory for longtime residents of this area. Today, we remember and discuss some of our favorite destinations that have gone bye bye:


Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/21/17

New survey asked which major fast food chain has the best french fries.  The number 1 answer shocked us and we discuss that in today's OFF THE AIR:

Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/20/17

Spike Lee says it's 'fishy' that no NFL team has picked up quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  We'll attempt to help Spike understand...


Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/17/17

St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Central Florida.  Are they running out of gas? We debate that in today's OFF THE AIR


Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/16/17

Today, we tackle the 'Catholic Corned Beef Dilemma' just in time for St. Patrick's Day!!

Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/15/17

Topic:  Would you stop going to your FAVORITE restaurant if you found out the health department wrote them up for violations found during an inspection?  


Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/14/17

If you have not been to The Florida DMV lately, there's a lot LESS to complain about now!!


Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/13/17

Ocoee is the latest Central Florida City to try and deal with the panhandling menace:

Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/10/17

Taco busts Lynch's balls over his strange habit when it comes to the time change weekends each year...

Lynch & Taco Off The Air 3/9/17

O.J. Simpson could be out of jail as soon as this October.  We'll discuss...

Off The Air March 8, 2017

One of our favorite TV shows just killed off one of the main characters. mirroring the actor's real life (and now death) saga

Off The Air March 7, 2017

Off The Air March 6, 2017



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