Meet October's Homegrown Hottie, Kylee Dee from Orlando.

Hey my name is Kylee Dee and I was born and raised in Orlando Florida...not many people can say that one! I love living in Orlando. Between the weather, the attractions, the beaches, the lakes, the nightlife and everything else we have here it's one of the best places to live!

I've been modeling pretty much my entire life. I started off doing beauty pageants at the age of 2years old. I loved them, but by the time i turn 15 i realized my love for art and the tattoo world.

I got my first tattoo when i was 18yrs old... and now at 28 have aprx 19 (i forget some of them sometimes haha). I hit a huge milestone in my life when I was 25. I stopped modeling and had the love of my life, my son Adler. Im happy to say I'm back and in better shape then ever and have more determination then I've ever had in my life! Besides modeling I love the outdoors! The only other place i'd live outside of Orlando would definitely be the beach.

Thanks so much to WJRR for having me as one of their Homegrown Hottie! Dont forget to stop by my facebook page and say hi!


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