Meet May's Homegrown Hottie, Amanda from Orlando.

Hi there!
I'm Amanda. So psyched to be May's Homegrown Hottie. I am currently a bartender at a bar called DRIP on I-drive. Come see me some time. ;)

Besides work, I love surfing, skateboarding, dancing, working out, playing my drums and getting into trouble.. Some girls can't live without their cell phones or puppies- I'm the same way except replace that with my Xbox. I usually play first person shooters. I am beast at MW3, come try me.

I act and model on the side as well- you can see my work at
I recently shot a web series called "Bounty: Inner Orbs" I play a villain named 'Facade'.

My favorite bands are The Used, Bad Religion and Cold. I tune in to WJRR all the time to listen to them! My favorite local band is Yogurt Smoothness, check them out!

TURN ONS: I love it when a guy looks at ME when I'm speaking to them. It shows that they actually care what the hell I have to say. I love it when a guy is in good shape that always kills me. I really like when a guy can protect me, that's one of my favorite qualities. I love nerdy guys. Someone who can sit at a bar with me and talk video games all nite with is amazing.

TURN OFFS: I hate smoking. It smells awful. Another turn off is when a guy lies/keeps stuff from me and is unfaithful to me. I hate guys that have nothing interesting to say.

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