Meet June's Homegrown Hottie, Brittney from Clermont.

My name Is Brittney and im 21. I am a Bartender in my small towm. With that being said I am a small town girl from Clermont who is not afraid to get dirty. I like to ride for wheelers, go mudding, shoot guns, play out in the woods and make new adventures. I also like being a little girly to you know the shopping, tanning, getting my hair done the good stuff ;) I have been modeling off and on since I was 14 and I just love the energy from the other people you work with and of course the traveling! Music is a big part of my life! If im ever down, or wanna dance, or just want to have a throw back moment Music is the first thing on.

Turn ons: A person with style, they have to be clean!!! I love a tattooed body and piercing are a plus to. Someone who is not afraid to be themselves around me or anyone else.  They have to love to dance. Have determination, a job, and finally a nice body =)

Turn offs: Cockiness. Cannot stand a person who dips.. eww! A person who is lazy and stinks.

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