A rare April tropical storm took shape in the far Atlantic Ocean Thursday afternoon, according to reports from the National Hurricane Center.

Tropical Storm Arlene formed from a low pressure area in the deep reaches of the Atlantic Ocean, bordering on the North Atlantic.

Hurricane forecasters had initially projected the system to be absorbed into another low pressure system without ever becoming a named storm.

As it turned out, Arlene held together longer than initially expected, and was able to become strong enough to earn the status of a named storm.

Forecasters said Arlene had top sustained winds of 45 mph.

The storm was headed to the west-northwest at 25 mph.

Forecasters said Arlene likely would not survive long into Friday, if it lasts that long at all.

The storm is not forecast to be any threat to land.

Named storms this time of year are rare, but not unheard of.

According to records, the last time a named storm formed in the Atlantic during the month of April, it was with the 2003 advent of Tropical Storm Ana.